Legislation and Policies


The Public Service Commission was established in accordance with the provisions of Part XI, article 123(2) of the Constitution of Zambia.  It is also a statutory body falling under the Office of the President as set out in the Government Gazette Notice No. 183 of 2012.  It is responsible for the administration of the Service Commissions Act Cap.259 of the Laws of Zambia.  In the exercise of its functions under its jurisdiction, Public Service Commission is not subject to the direction or control of any other person or authority other than the appointing authority.

The operations of Public Service Commission are guided by:-

  • Service Commission Regulations (this is the book which guides the operations and management of Service Commissions).
  • Disciplinary Code and Procedures for handling offences in the Public Service (this book provides details on the various offences, penalties and procedures for handling offences)
  • Service Commission Policies and Procedures for Employment in the Public Service (this book provides guidelines for employment administration in the Public Service)
  • Terms and Conditions of Service for the Public Service (this book provides a general framework of what constitute conditions of service for public workers)
  • Code of Ethics for the Public Service
  • Circulars issued from time to time by the Secretary to Cabinet/ Permanent Secretary, Public Service Management Division.


There are several other documents that the Commission may refer to, but the above mentioned are the main ones and can be purchased from the Government Printing Department and Curriculum Development Centre (CDC).